Quality assurance policy

Mission: supply quality products for the construction, repairs and renovation of pipelines.

Vision: become a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of ballast units and structures and as well as all types of geosynthetic, technical, and polymer materials and parts in the Russian market.

The key quality goal is to improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness of the Company’s products by offering the best combination of quality, price and delivery terms.

To achieve this goal and implement the quality assurance policy the company’s management headed by its CEO have defined the following principles which the Company and all of its employees are expected to abide by:

  • Ensure quick responses to changes in customer requirements by systematically monitoring customer needs, analysing existing customer demands and predicting future customer demands, getting adequate customer satisfaction feedback and ensuring transparency of the Company;
  • Ensure effectiveness of management at every level within the company by setting managers clearly defined and well thought-out goals and by teaching by example that increasing the Company’s value, abiding by its ethics and improving its management are key priorities for every manager within the company;
  • Build relations between management and the employees that are based on fairness and acknowledgement of achievement by creating the most favourable, comfortable and safe conditions in the workplace and by promoting employees who show initiative to management positions;
  • Ensure effective use of resources and continuous management of resources by employing a business process oriented approach to organising management, by monitoring business processes on an on-going basis, by assessing and analysing the effectiveness of each business process and by implementing corrective and preventive actions to eliminate any deviations;
  • Ensure continuous improvement in the Company’s management by improving the quality assurance management processes;
  • Ensure continuous improvement of the Company’s quality management system by getting it certified for conformance to ISO 9001, GOST R ISO 9001 and STO Gazprom 9001 and by ensuring the decision making process is based on monitoring and analysis data;
  • Select and approve suppliers of goods and services by monitoring and assessing their offers and establish long term mutually beneficial relations with suppliers once they’ve been selected and properly vetted.
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