Is used: Oil and gas industry


The textile erosion control container (KP) is designed to restore the water-worn bottom profile and near water line areas on submerged pipeline crossings. The KP is filled with soil with a feed hopper and is a tank with a sewed-in hose and two weight elements.

The KP is manufactured from the high-duty and time-proof TBG textile.

The KP is operated at an ambient temperature from minus 60° to plus 40°.

The climate category is UKhL 1, according to GOST 15150.


Parameters Characteristics of the parameters
Container material Technical nylon
Service life in the body of the soil structure More than 50 years
Allowable loads on the container in multilayer application (structure height) 6 m, maximum
Soil volume in the container 0.03 – 3.6 m3

Container model KP-0,05 KP-0,1 KP-0,2 KP-0,4 KP-0,8 KP-1,8 KP-2,5 KP-5,5
Weight of the filled container in the air, t 0.05 0.09 0.22 0.42 0.75 1.75 2.5 5.5
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