Is used: Oil and gas industry, civil construction


MAKMATR1 coiled material is a 3D panel made of polypropylene fiber with a diameter of 0.65 mm, reinforced with woven geonet with high strength characteristics.

The woven geonet is manufactured from polyester fiber covered with a polymer layer.

The MAKMAT™ R1 material is mostly used to protect slopes from erosion processes, to restore the fertile layer and vegetation and to protect the water stream banks with low erosion activity.


MAKMAT™ R1 009 R1 0020 R1 035 R1 055 R1 080 R1 110 R1 200
Specific gravity g/m2 600 (±100) 600 (±100) 620 (±100) 650 (±100) 700 (±100) 750 (±100) 900 (±100)
Porosity % >90
Nominal thickness under a pressure of 2kPa mm 17(±2.0)
Coil length m 25
Coil width m 2
Coil flat area m2 50
2011 CJSC Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat

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