Is used: Oil and gas industry, civil construction


The RENAULT PADS are factory-built 3D mesh structures of the mattress-mat type with a low height, width of 2 m and length up to 6 m; they are made of double-twist wire mesh with hexagonal cells and used to cover soil when erosion-control structures are being constructed.

A sample of gabion structure record in other documents and when ordering, depending on the wire diameter and coating type is given below: 'The Renault pads – 420,3-80-2,7-TsAMM (the mattress-mat structure with the following dimensions: length of 4 m, width of 2 m, height of 0.3 m with diaphragms, made of double-twist mesh with a cell dimension of 80 mm (80) based on the wire with the Galfan coating and a diameter of 2.7 mm).

The gabion structures are used in road construction, industrial and civil engineering, for engineering protection and natural landscape restoration. The structures are designed to protect, stabilize and reinforce soils against erosion, to reinforce soils and slopes, including landslide and water bank slopes, to construct retaining walls and protection structures against rockfall, snow slides, and mud streams, to provide flood-control structures, landscape rehabilitation works and for other purposes, including these in the areas with high seismic activity. The gabion structures are flexible, permeable and all-purpose and have no harmful environmental impact.


Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Tolerances
3 2 0.17; 0.23; 0.30 Length +/-5%
Width +/-5%
Height +/-10%

Typical profile of river bed reinforcing


Type B (mm) Limit deviations Wire diameter (mm)
810 80 +16%
2.40; 2.70; 3.00
2.7/3.7 (PVC)

The B cell dimension is the average distance between the twists according to GOST R 51285-99

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