Is used: Oil and gas industry, civil construction


BOX GABIONS are factory-built mesh structures with a height up to 1 m and width up to 4 m, made of the doubled-twist wire mesh with hexagonal cells.

A sample of gabion structure record in other documents and when ordering, depending on the wire diameter and coating type is given below: 'Gabions 311-80-2,7-Ts' (box structure with the following dimensions: length of 3 m, width of 1 m, height of 1 m, made of doubled-twist mesh with a cell dimension of 80 mm (80) based on the galvanized wire with a diameter of 2.7 mm).

According to GOST R 51285, the following wire mesh coatings may be used:

  • coated with zinc – Ts;
  • coated with zinc and polyvinyl chloride – TsP;
  • coated with zinc-aluminum alloy and mishmetal (the Galfan coating) – TsAMM;
  • coated with zinc-aluminum alloy and mishmetal and PVC – TsAMMP.


Length, m Width, m Height, m Volume, m3 Mass, kg
(depending on the coating type and wire diameter)
1.5     1.0   0.5 0.75 8.30—12.00
2.0 1.0 11.50—15.50
3.0 1.5 17.50—22.000
4.0 2.0 22.00—27,30
1.5 1.0 1.5 12.50—16.50
2.0 2.0 16.50—21.50
3.0 3.0 23.00—30.00
4.0 4.0 23.00—28.00

Protection of slopes against rockfall

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