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The PKBU-MKS unit is the modernized doubled structure which consists of two tanks connected with the weight bands and is used with two rigid brace frames and designed to ballast the pipeline with a diameter from 530 mm to 1420 mm inclusively, including the heat-insulated pipelines and pipelines being constructed and rebuilt in complicated conditions on flooded and marshy lands.

The PKBU-MKS unit is installed on the main pipeline in the trenches in accordance with the requirements of the relevant regulatory documents.

The PKBU-MKS unit is manufactured as the UKhL 1 climatic model according to GOST 15150 and allowed to be operated at an operating temperature from minus 60°C to plus 40°.

The design of the PKBU-MKS polymer-containing ballast unit has been protected by the patent of the Russian Federation.


PKBU-MKS model Ballasted pipeline diameter, mm Unit overall dimensions, mm PKBU-MKS tank capacity, m3
L* * *
PKBU-MKS-1620 1420
Heat-insulated pipelines
4200 1650 3000 12.40
PKBU-MKS-1420 1420 4000 1450 3000 10.20
PKBU-MKS-1220 1220 3700 1250 3000 7.60
PKBU-MKS-1020 1020 3100 1100 3000 5.40
PKBU-MKS-820 820 2500 900 3000 3.40
PKBU-MKS-720 720 2200 800 3000 2.60
PKBU-MKS-530 530 1700 600 3000 1.52

* – Reference dimensions

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