Is used: Oil and gas industry


The steel pipes with a diameter from 219 mm to 1420 mm inclusively, with CONCRETE BALLAST COATING are designed to construct buried subsea pipelines (gas pipelines, oil pipelines) and pipelines laid in the water-saturated soils (marshes, river valleys, etc.).

In terms of design, the ballast coating is a cement and sand solution pumped into the cavity between the steel pipe with the external anti-corrosion coating (polyethylene, polypropylene, epoxy) and a jacket in an annular pipe structure.

The coating thickness varies depending on the pipe diameter, pipe laying conditions and pipe purpose.

– The pipe with external three-layer polypropylene and ballasting coatings
– The pipe with external epoxy and ballasting coatings
– The pipe with external epoxy, polyurethane thermal and ballasting coatings with the SKIN EFFECT-based heating system installed.

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