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Mastics are designed for pipe coating when re-insulating pipes during gas pipeline routing. The mastics are for pipes of a diameter up to 1420 mm, inclusive; operating temperature: up to 35 . Mastics have high operational, physical and mechanical performance properties.

The quality and conformity of all the materials have been qualified with top oil-and- gas R&D institutions, such as Scientific-Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies GAZPROM VNIIGAZ, Scientific and Research Institute for Oil and Oil Products Transportation (NII TNN) , Russian National Scientific Research Institute for the Construction and Operation of Fuel and Power Sector Pipelines and Facilities (VNIIST). The materials are on the Insulation Materials List of OJSC Gazprom.



Performance ratio,

measurement unit
Standard as per Technical Specifications

DECOM-GAZ  (heat-resistant)

«Asmol – special»
Appearance, colour Indiscreet mass, black, with no impurities or foreign particles Indiscreet mass, black, with no impurities or foreign particles Colour: black. No impurities or foreign particles Indiscreet mass, black, no visible foreign impurities
Softening point, ° +100±5 +100±5 +100±5 70-80
Extensibility (relative elongation at break, %) at a temperature of +23±2 °, cm, minimum 8(800) 4 6 10
Needle penetration depth at a temperature of +23±2 °, 0.1 mm 25±5 25±5 25±5 -
Brittle point, reference, °, maximum -25 -20 -20 -25

Adhesive strength of the coating 24 hours after application, at a temperature of +23±2 °,

 lift-off technique (v=100mm/min, N/cm), minimum

25,0 30 - -
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