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Russian Polyurethane-1001 (RPU-1001)

Russian Polyurethane-1001 (RPU-1001) is an outer two-component polyurethane protective coating produced based on thermosetting materials.

The coating is designed for corrosion protection of pipes, junction pieces, shut-off valves and mounting components during construction, reconstruction or capital repairing of main gas pipelines and compressed-air plants with a temperature of the transported product below 40 º.
RPU-1011 is applied in consecutive stages on a pre-cleaned surface of a gas pipe section en route with a minimum ambient temperature of 5º.

RPU-1001 - Performance Ratios and Test Methods

Performance ratio Measurement unit

 Description and standart 

Test method


2 3 4
Appearance of the coating -

Indiscreet surface of black color without bubbles, clefts, flakes, gaps or other defects that affect the quality of the coating.

Visual examination

Coating thickness, minimum



As per State Standard GOST R 51164

Impact resistance at a temperature from (-30±3)° to (+20±5) °, minimum

J/mm  5,0

As per Exhibit  to State Standard GOST R  51164

Adhesion to steel (normal opening method) at a temperature of (20±3)° , minimum


7,0 As per State Standard GOST 14760 or ISO 4624

Penetration resistance at a temperature of (20+5) °, maximum



0,3 As per Exhibit E to State Standard GOST R  51164
Water absorption capacity after 1000 h of exposure to water under a temperature of (60±3) °, maximum


5,0 As per State Standard GOST 4650, Method
  Relative elongation at rupture at a temperature of (20±5)°, minimum


20.0 As per State Standard GOST 11262
Pores on a (35±5)° section of the coating, 3-5 magnitude


There should be no pores visible between the metal and coating

As per State Standard GOST R 51164
Resistance to heat cycling from -(60±5) ° to (20±5) °, minimum





As per Clause 5.11 of Technical Specifications

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