Is used: Oil and gas industry

Heat shrink cuff HTLP-60

Heat shrink cuff HTLP-60 is a system that provides corrosion protection to welding joints of underground pipelines operated under 60.

The cuff is based on radiation grafted polyolefine covered with a hot-melt adhesive. The cuff has high shear resistance. The two-pack primer supplied with the cuff is made of epoxy resin and a hardener.


Performance ratio                                             


 HTLP -60 cuffTesting method
Stress of the base at break, Mpa                                                         17,2 ASTM D 638
Relative elongation at rupture, % 580 ASTM D 638

Adhesive capacity for steel, polyethylene or epoxy coatings, kN/m                                      

4,5 ASTM D 1000
No penetration                                         No breakdown under voltage   1000V ASTM G 17
Impact resistance, J                                              15 ASTM G 14
Frost resistance, Celsius                                        -70 ASTM D 2671 C
Shear resistance, 60 CH/cm2                                 45  DIN 30672 
Soil creep resistance, mm                                       0,2 TP- 206 
Adhesive softening point, Celsius, ‘ring and ball’ Method                                                                103 ASTM E 28 
Cathode disbonding (30 days, 60 d. Celsius), mm Radial                                                                   14  ASTM G 42
Volumetric electric resistance                                5 · 10 15 ASTM D 257 
Dielectric strength                                                    45 ASTM D 149 



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