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DIRAX heat shrink sleeve, Heat-shrink cuff Canusa-CPS

DIRAX system is a high-strength heat-shrink cuff that provides reliable corrosion protection of welding joints during horizontal or controlled drilling.

DIRAX includes:

- A heat-shrink wrap cuff, reinforced with (1) glass fiber and a pre-fastened lock and (2) a coat of hot-melt adhesive resistance to shear. (The special cuff reinforced with glass fiber makes the material highly abrasion-resistant but also keeps it flexible to follow pipe bends);

- A narrow cuff made of a narrow heat-shrink cuff reinforced with glass fiber and a fastened lock, and a coating from hot-melt adhesive resistant to shears;

- two-component epoxide primer.

 Heat-shrink cuff Canusa-CPS is a two-layer system on a radiation-grafted polyolefine base covered inside with a hot-melt or mastic adhesive. Subject to project specifications and if a three-layer coating is used for pipe trunk insulation, the third layer could be applied – an epoxide primer – directly onto the pipe when the cuff is being installed onto a pipe to be laid.

Cuffs - General information


Pipeline working temperature

Up to 65 ° Up to 80 ° 120°

Required pre=heat temperature

90° 110° 190°
Cycle load resistance Excellent
Soil load resistance Excellent
Resistance to axial motion of the pipe Excellent
Compatibility with different types of main pipe coating Epoxy, polyethylene, polypropylene, extra strong composites
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