Is used: Oil and gas industry

Polymer plugs for transporting and storing pipes

Polyethylene plugs for transporting and storing pipes, connecting elements and shut-off valves with a diameter of 57 to 1,420 mm are used to protect pipe bevels and edges from mechanical damage and to prevent moisture, dirt and debris from penetrating into the internal cavity. The plugs are manufactured in blue and bear a Gazprom OJSC logo that should stay as long as the plug is in operation. If requested by the Customer, the plugs may be perforated to ensure ventilation of the internal cavity. The plugs should be used at a temperature of -65 to +80 0. The plugs are designed in a way to prevent their accidental falling off during transportation or loading/unloading.

Performance RatioMeasurement unitStandard value
Conditional rupture resistance MPa, minimum 13
Surface density g/cm2 maximum 0,92
Water absorption
%, maximum
Frost resistance %, maximum 10
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