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Is used: Oil and gas industry, road construction, civil construction, railway construction


SOIL MODULES (GP 1500) are cellular structures to be filled with local soils, including silty-clayed or icy soil.

They are made of technical textile bands with a design width and various cell dimensions; variations of these parameters allow the required subsoil bearing capacity, depending on dynamic loads.

GP-1500 are used to build the manmade trenches for the pipelines with a diameter of 1420 mm, laid on the daylight surface (GP-1500T), to construct road dirt fill foundations (GP-1500D), and also soil conservation structures (GP-1500E). For the said purposes the technical textiles with various design characteristics are used, depending on the operation conditions and structure purpose.


Soil module modification Band width,
Cell diagonal length,
Soil volume in the cell,
Operating load on the cell, t
GP 1500 model
GP 1500 GP 1500 D
GP 1500 E
GP 1500-1,5-2,1 1500 2100 3.0±0.2 3.0±0.2 7.5±0.5
GP 1500-1,0-2,1 1000 2100 2.2±0.2 2.2±0.2 5.0±0.5
GP 1500-1,0-1,4 1400 0.8±0.1
GP 1500-0,75-1,0 750 1000 0.4±0.05 1.5±0.2 3.5±0.5
GP 1500-0,5-0,7 500 700 0.12±0.05 1.0±0.1 2.5±0.2
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