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Is used: Oil and gas industry, road construction, civil construction, railway construction


GEOGRID is an easily mounted 3D polyethylene cellular structure which is put together as a honeycomb structure. The cellular structures are formed from the high-tensile polymer band by thermosonic welding of polyethylene. The polymer band is inert to environment. The standard sections of the GEOGRIDS may consist of several dozen to several thousand cells. The sections are put together with galvanized steel clamps and stapler. The whole structure is fixed inside the soil or on the ground by means of the anchor system and may be additionally reinforced with nylon ropes. The filled cells work as a semi-rigid plate redistributing the load and result in improved structural strength and longer service life.

GEOGRIDS is the packaged technology to prevent structure displacement, sag and cracking, as well as washing-out and erosion; to control frost boil inevitable in the silty soils and; and to drain excess water. GEOGRIDS allow considerable decrease of the bank thickness due to reinforcement and also active usage of local construction materials, including wastes and soils.

GEOGRIDS are used to reinforce the road foundations, to build road dressing and provide the bearing layer for various sites and foundations placed on soft soils; to protect the water-passing systems, berths and embankments from washing-out; to control soil erosion of the bridge cones and pipeline outlets; to hold the fertile soil on steep slopes; and to build 'green' retaining walls. In addition to improved strength characteristics of the earthwork structures and drainage systems, GEOGRIDS allow naturally smooth and aesthetically perfect lines when managing landscape.


Designation Cell dimensions,
Fin length,
Number of cells
across the width/length
Section dimensions, m
Section area,
sq. m
GW 20 08 10 30P 20x20 20 10/30 2. 446.15 15
GW 20 06 10 30P 15
GW 20 04 10 30P 10
GW 20 03 10 30P 7.5
GW 20 02 10 30X 5
GW 40 08 05 30P 40x40 20 05/30 2. 4412.3 30
GW 40 06 05 30P   15
GW 40 04 05 30P   10
GW 40 03 05 30P   7.5

* The section dimensions may vary according the technical specifications

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