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SSP GEONETS, PS-POLYSET GEONETS are polymer nets made by two polymer fiber systems located perpendicularly to each other, laced between with the third, lacing fiber, and impregnated with polymer binders.

PS-POLYSET GEONETS are used as reinforcing and separating layers. GEONETS used in soft soils allow improved bearing capacity of the coatings and general stability, longer service life and better transport and operating parameters.


PS-50/50-20 (500) - POLYSET PS-50/50-50 (500) - POLYSET PS-100/100-50 (500) - POLYSET
Mass per one area unit, g/m2, minimum 160 160 300
Tensile load, kN/m, minimum 50/50 50/50 100/100
Longitudinal/transversal tensile elongation, % (maximum) 13/13 13/13 13/13
Allowable extension strength loss
after 25 frost-thaw cycles, % maximum
10 10 10
Loss on ignition, w/w%, minimum - - -
Cell square side dimensions (±2%), mm 20 50 50
Maximum coil width (±2%), cm 500 500 500

The SSN geonets are the impregnated glass nets
The PS geonets are the polymer nets
The geonets are used as reinforcing and separating layers.
The geonets are used to separate the peat and sand layers of the soil.

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